Linden Homes…


Linden are doing a customer satisfaction survey. I included this in my free text reply.


An Evening at an Exhibition….


Last night convinced of my (hitherto) unspoken New Year’s resolution on here which is to get out more and see more new things.

I had seen pictures from the Petrovsky installation on a friend’s blog and it was on my list of good intentions. Well, I got there and it’s fascinating!

I stood and stared as things whizzed and grew and rebuilt and deconstructed themselves around me.

I became curious abut “how” so thought I’d look at transparency, no more clues – but another facinating perspective!

I cammed around and, while I was in one particular spot one started growing right in front of me.

Oh, I should mention, there is a “hat” that visitors are invited to pick up – I realised while I was focusing on the artwork that my hat had an eye in the centre, I noticed it when it blinked at me!

Petrovsky flux at the Spencer Art Museum


Theatre in the Round……


I haven’t been to Piedmont for a long while, the timezone differences had really begun to bite sadly but I had intended to get there for the Chinese New Year OOC dance last night but sadly at 10pm I i was just closing down the job I’d been engrossed in for work.

I saw Perryn was still online and thought it just might be extending with a few stragglers so while I rummaged for an outfit I IM’d him “No it’s finished, but are you coming to the play?”

I knew he was involved with a theatre group in S/L – The Jewel Theatre – but had never been to a performance.

The next bit was complicated. I was already late, S/L was only running on one hamster treadmill I think making everything laggy and slow and I had silly issues on the way meaning that I was tp’d in during the interval.

Now, what’s your image of a play in S/L? Rows of people? Static stage?

The whole set-up was a big wow factor! We were inside a dome, the sky above us was controlled and the panorama around us too, placing us inside the production.


We were on a raised semi-circular platform that was elevated above the stage. As it was a Gorean set-up (although I’ll stick my neck out here and say that I’m sure non-R/Pers would be more than welcome) there were seats for the Free with cushions at their feet for slaves.

The play, The Miser, is a Gorean re-telling of a Christmas Carol with The Ubar in the role of Scrooge and a She-Urt leading him to his enlightenment.

When the final act began the sky lit up, the panorama behind us changed and the set was reached by the ground scrolling beneath us. The whole play took place in local IM so no one was excluded.

The script was tight, the delivery crisp and the re-imagining of the story was very creative. Whoever was on props and scenery did a fantastic job with things rezzing promptly and all the S/L gremlins safely caged for the night. The company hit that “well-oiled machine” spot making it look effortless and professional.

I’m always late to catch onto things and this was performance 4 of a 5 session run.

Do try and catch the final performance tonight if you can.

Sunday, January 22th 2012 at 12pm SLT Samandiriel

The Jewel Theatre Samandiriel (225, 129, 27)




Today is me at a low ebb.

“You can fool some of…etc ….” you can even fool yourself for quite a bit but the inescapable bits are the weaknesses we harbour within ourselves. Some physical, some not, and every so often we hit a period of denial of their existence and overreach ourselves because of it. Aspirational ambition is one thing; unrealistic expectations carry disappointment in their wake.

Tomorrow will be better.

Moving In and Rearranging the Furniture…..


I think I’ve got this place looking how I want (with 2* exceptions, but I will be seeking some help with those).

It’s surprising how many little fiddly bits there are to take care of – and I’m sure there were fewer on Blogger!

It’d be nice to start the new format in the new location with something profound but saying that is a complete brain-emptier – much like being asked “what are you thinking about?”

There’s a new tab at the top. It currently says it’s under construction but it would be more accurate to say it’s on a whimsical list of good intentions! I like taking pictures inworld, in fact that was my entry into blogging through Bletaverse. (It didn’t have that tacky dating thing in the corner then or I’d have been put right off at the outset!) I wanted somewhere to put pictures up and it seemed just the job.

Bletaverse was an example of “…if I knew then what I know now…” in that when I felt it was time for a change, I learned that proper blog sites offer import/export tools etc – important for the kind of pedantic mind that I have.

Anyway, the new tab is intended for random photos of things that interest me,….let’s see if anything happens there.

New Year new…. well, you get the gist. I don’t think I’m alone in noticing how quiet S/L can be some days, well I’ve been encouraged twice in the last week. An old friend from my very early days in S/L has changed a club I used to go to back then to the original (and in my view, much more successful) format. I’ve popped in a few times and traffic looks promising. Although it’s no longer as much my cup of tea as it once was, I wish her well. The other occasion was my 1st visit to Soul Mods – WOW, plenty of people AND during the UK timezone too. I am so tired of finding somewhere promising only to find that it takes off after I’ve been asleep for 3 hours, I’ll definitely be back there.

*make that 3, I’ve just tried to change the font size!