Like many on here I get the addict’s twitch now and again and want to be inworld even when away from my laptop. This effectively means a chat client. I had given mobile grid client a try on my android a good while back but ditched it after the free trial – a monthly fee was charged – inworld, payable in Lindens with some further complexities after that (can you tell that I’d glazed over?). It offered IM chat and that was it – I didn’t like the charging policy and resigned myself to the natural discipline of being a laptop-only user.

I don’t know what prompted me to look again but Lumiya had come along. A one-off fee of £1.90 got me rolling on both my phone and tablet. It was a nice little chat client, easy to use, nice screens.

A few days ago I noticed that a 3D button had appeared at the top of the screen so, being a born button-pusher, I pushed it and, lo and behold, I was there, inworld, in my last location. OK, my avatar is a grey silhouette but…….I can move, I can tp, I can interact with objects (sit; deal with menu-driven scripted objects although I haven’t found a way to click on a dance poseball).

I can look at profiles, pay money, and use the mini-map. What really surprised me was that the surroundings rezzed – yes slowly (this is not for sim-hoppers or action types) but given time, very nicely. Given how slowly things rezzed on my old laptop I think this compares well and I’m sure there are some old-hand residents who could tell tales of back-in-the-day rendering that was not a whole lot better.

It seems pretty stable, certainly as stable as the device it’s being used on – sure it froze my tablet – but so does facebook. It was fine on my phone.

I’m still finding things that Lumiya lets me do – it’s really impressing me. It’s NOT a viable alternative to a laptop or pc but gets you there when otherwise you couldn’t be.

This is a picture of how a room renders. It’s on my tablet – well, I was using my phone to take it!



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I've been around Second Life in some form or another since September 2008. I've dabbled in the creative side now and again but wouldn't claim proficiency in any area. My blog is about my random thoughts and things that interest me, I do sometimes write in greater depth but not often, some of my pieces went to Moonletters (SL Fix on my links) but I generally leave the weightier matters to others. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

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  1. i’ve heard some good reports about Lumiya, especially the 3D capabilities – it’s a whole world away from traditional text clients, (at last!). Since it’s optimised towards ‘phones, i’m not surprised it’s less robust on tablets – i’ve heard this elsewhere too – however, the advent of Windows 8 may well change all that… but i’m not putting my money on it!

    Thanks for the heads-up on this – for now, i’ll be sticking to my desktop, but should the urge to escape when i’m away from home grab me particularly hard, i may well be tempted!

    s. x

    • Well, they are both Android, the tablet runs Honeycomb, the phone still on Frodo 2.2. I think the stalling on the tablet is due to a.n.other causes as it does it on other things too – if it were Windows I’d run some housekeeping, still feeling my way on Android stuff though.

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