A Trip to London…


I logged on and no-one was online.

The current version of Firestorm (the hokey-cokey 5000 I think) has a pop-out icon on the left of the screen for interesting landmark suggestions and I have looked at a few in the last week or so and some are…interesting.

I was enticed by the lure of the Millennium Wheel, never having been bothered to face queuing for the real thing so I teleported to London.

Sometimes in Second Life it can be best to avoid places you know well because the inaccuracies can be much more apparent than the bits that are right, but this is pretty good (although, arranging a City’s worth of landmarks on a sim inevitably means some strange neighbours).

City hall is an iconic building designed by Norman Foster and opened 10 years ago, it currently houses Boris and his team and I stepped in wondering if he was at home. However, inside is a dance floor.

As a London voter with a polling card somewhere for the upcoming elections, I allowed a fleeting moment about the political message that this might convey, Nero’s fiddle maybe? I decided to move on.

Further on I saw a good replica of the Royal Albert Hall, albeit with BBC Broadcasting House immediately behind it! Both looked good, further on was a part of the Tower of London. The shells are very good, the outside views are very well textured and proportioned but although you can enter the buildings, the outside is really all there is to it, similarly the wheel that had lured me there is static with no seating in the capsules.

It’s worth a visit, care has been taken with detail at street level with the right kind of signage for example, the feel is right, just don’t go into the Tower expecting to see the Crown Jewels!



PS If any of this looks a little different, I apologise.

Following a virus I have done a complete strip-down and re-install – I haven’t got everything installed yet


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I've been around Second Life in some form or another since September 2008. I've dabbled in the creative side now and again but wouldn't claim proficiency in any area. My blog is about my random thoughts and things that interest me, I do sometimes write in greater depth but not often, some of my pieces went to Moonletters (SL Fix on my links) but I generally leave the weightier matters to others. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

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