On Being Quiet…


If you ever look in here at all you’ll have noticed the tumbleweed blowing down the main street a lot lately. I’ve been wondering why that is myself.
I have not suddenly turned into a quiet demure soul devoid of opinions (although I daresay some who know me might have that on their wishlist) but somehow such things are not reaching here. One overwhelming reason for this is how tired I’ve been . Yes, we all are I know and I do not seek to diminish the tiredness of another, just to explain
1 I do all my S/L related activity in the evenings, sometimes very late and
2 There have been “events” at work, specifically a very big move that is still draining me.
But I’ve found another thing – the times at which I feel blogging ideas forming in my head are the most inconvenient (while driving being a recurrent one) and not being a skilled writer I don’t know any tricks to “fix” them or make them return.
Also, I suspect some changes within me. Although I’d share more 1:1 I will say that this has been a turbulent year and is not over yet. I’ve felt events leaving a mark on me and have noticed myself thinking of moving in new directions are a result – nothing earth-moving, just a few new things to me. Whether this will result in more or less to say here, who knows!


About lacewingmesmeriser

I've been around Second Life in some form or another since September 2008. I've dabbled in the creative side now and again but wouldn't claim proficiency in any area. My blog is about my random thoughts and things that interest me, I do sometimes write in greater depth but not often, some of my pieces went to Moonletters (SL Fix on my links) but I generally leave the weightier matters to others. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

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  1. Maintaining a blog – especially a ‘creative’ type one, as opposed to a review site or something similar is surprisingly demanding and time-consuming. Few people who haven’t tried it will realise just how much of a commitment it can require. A blog is also a personal thing and i personally think the only rule of thumb that can possibly be adhered to is, ‘Do it your own way’, even if that means not writing.

    As for the practicalities – i think i possess more notebooks, (and pens), than could ever be called reasonable – one next to the bed, in the kitchen, bag, car… literally everywhere and i constantly note things down; ideas, observations, quotes and thoughts all go down and, if i don’t have a notebook with me, the backs of envelopes, scrap paper, tickets, my phone, even serviettes all get pressed into service – many never see the light of day again, others wait for the right opportunity, whilst others… well, i’ve been know to write a couple of thousand words on a wet afternoon in a coffee shop, more than once.

    i think the secret is not to force the writing – nothing worse than sitting in front of a blank computer screen for an hour, with no result – just let it come, whenever and wherever it wants to and, even if you can’t get anything substantial down there and then, do what you can… a few scribbled key words whilst waiting at the traffic lights can turn into a fully-fledged piece when you have the time.

    Hope that life calms down a little for you and that the new opportunities you face have positive outcomes. *hugs*

    s. x

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